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Terms of use
    1.  The on-line shop kupuj-tanio.com belongs to a company:
         DORINEX Jan Kondraciuk ul. Zaslawskiej 5 / 22, 05-804 Pruszkow (Poland)
         entered to Business Register led by President of Pruszkow with No. 15512 
         VAT EU: PL 5361313579 (tax identification number)
         Regon: 140669170   (statistical identification number)

    2.  All prices of products offered in our online shop kupuj-tanio.com are displayed
         as a gross price (including VAT) and the net price (without VAT).
         Gross price (including VAT) applies to all orders shipped on Polish territory,
         and orders shipped to customers from other European Union countries 
         who are
not active VAT payers.
         Net price (without VAT) applies to orders shipped to European Union 
(other than Poland) for clients who are active VAT EU payers, after
verification (invoice with 0% VAT rate). Purchaser acknowledges that 
         negative result of verification will cause VAT taxation
 according to Polish law. 
         Buyer acknowledges the obligaton to the taxation of
VAT in accordance with 
         the law of the country, where it is registered as an active
VAT EU payer and 
         where the goods are delivered, if the transaction is not taxed in

    3.  Correct fulfillment of the order form and pressing the "Order Confirmation"
         button is synonymous with placing an order and it has the legal effects
         of the sale-purchase contract according to the Civil Code. All information given
         in the order form will be stored in the database of transaction and the contract
         goes to a queue of waiting orders.
    4.  Placing an order is tantamount to the Purchaser’s acceptance for the storage
         and processing of personal data by DORINEX for the contract realization and
         the possible after-sales service. Received personal data will not be used for any
         other purposes, including, in particular any activities inconsistent with the law.
         Newsletters and promotional offers are sent only with the special customer’s
         approval expressed by selecting the appropriate option on the registration form.
         Customers have the right to inspect, correct, and require removal of their
         personal data according to the Personal Data Protection Law of 29 August 1997.
    5.  Confirmation of the order will be sent to e-mail address given in the order form.
         The confirmation contains the order number, a list of ordered products, payment
         details including shipping costs, shipping address registered in the transaction
    6.  On-line store kupuj-tanio.com specializes in the immediate realization of
         customer orders. Orders are shipped the same or next business day after
         payment (bank transfer, on-line payment, credit cards). Bank transfer should be
         send to bank account number:
                Company name: DORINEX Jan Kondraciuk
                Kanie, ul. Lesna 8
                05-805 Otrebusy, Poland
                Bank name:
                BRE Bank S.A. INTERNET BANKING, al. Pilsudskiego 3, 90-368 Lodz
                account number PL 33 1140 2004 0000 3102 4368 5545
                SWIFT: BREXPLPWMBK
        Bank transfer description of transfer should be contain: "KT+order number,
        customer name, order date"
        Attention! Description of transfer should not contain any other information,
        in particular: changes of shipping address or order details. You can use contact
        form or e-mail contact to send us this information.
    7.  Orders with shipping address to the country of the European Union (other than
         Poland) will be implemented after using following payment methods: money
         transfer, on-line payment, credit card. Store kupuj-tanio.com not process orders
         with Cash on Delivery payment and shipping address to country other than
    8.  Orders placed after 2:00 p.m are treated as submitted on the next working day.
         Orders placed on weekends and holidays are treated as submitted on the first
         working day after the contract date.
    9.  Free shipment applies to contracts with a value at least 300.00 PLN paid
         in advance and with the shipping address in Poland. Free consignment does not
         apply to orders with Cash on Delivery payment method or shipping address to
         other country than Poland.
         The option "Free shipping" must be chosen independently by the buyer during
         the selection of the shipping method in the finalization of the order.
         On-line store kupuj-tanio.com reserves the right to choose itself the shipping
         option (economic postal parcel, priority postal parcel, or courier parcel) in the
         case of a free delivery.
  10.  The customer will be informed by e-mail of any significant change in the status
         of orders, such as:    
         -    receiving of payment or Cash on Delivery disposal pobraniowej and starting
              to order realization
         -    confirmation of the dispatch of the ordered goods.
         Available statuses of the contract:
         a)   Order registered - means an order confirmation by the shop and waiting
               for payment or Cash on Delivery disposal.
         b)   Order processing - means confirmation of receiving payment by the shop
               or Cash on Delivery disposal and starting with realization of the order
               (packing goods for shipping). Goods will be shipped next session via post
               or courier company. You can also receive ordered products directly in our
         c)   Order was sent - means that the goods have been sent to the customer, or
               goods have been received directly in our headquater.
         d)   File to download - relates to products offered in the store, for which delivery
               is by electronic way (the internet). In such cases, access to the download file
               is treated as a fulfillment of our commitment to Customer and Buyer is
               responsible for self-download of ordered files from the internet.
         e)   Order canceled - it means that your order will not be realized. Reasons of 
               this status may be different: cancellation by the customer, no payment, 
               no Cash On Delivery disposal or no exact address over 14 days from
               the date of the contract, lack of goods in the warehouse and inability
               to complete the contract within 14 days
  11.  Each order is accompanied by a receipt documenting the sale of goods and
         shipping costs paid by the customer. There is possible to issue a VAT invoice
         at the specific request of the customer. Provided data to issue a VAT invoice
         have to be complete and correct (company name, first and last name, address,
         tax identification number) and they have to be provided by the order form.
         There is no possibility to issue VAT invoice after the shipment of goods.
  12.  On-line shop kupuj-tanio.com attaches great importance to execution of orders
         on time. However, it is conceivable that there may be occasional delays
         in the execution of contracts (e.g. increased volume of orders during
         the holidays period or in the case of a temporary lack of goods). The customer
         will be informed in such cases.
  13.  Company DORINEX reserves the right to cancel an order if its execution is
         impossible. Purchaser also has the right to resign from the order if delay
         of realization will be over 14 days. In such cases, store returns prepayment to
         the customer.
  14.  All rights to names, trademarks, photos, text, graphics and products in the shop
         kupuj-tanio.com are reserved.
  15.  You can place orders in on-line store kupuj-tanio.com if you accept these rules.
         Placing an order is tantamount to acceptance regulations.

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